New Sheets

New Sheets
© Lin Cava 2-2020

New sheets
Drifting for a moment
in the air above the bed.
The scent catches me
As the top sheet sails
The moment slowed in time
Down onto the bed.

New sheets –
Suddenly, thoughts of you
Capture the moment,
Bringing you near
Close enough to touch
As if it were yesterday.

How we both took delight
In the scent of new sheets
The scent of you tugs at me
Making my heart beat faster.

Thoughts of your touch
Invade the moment;
The feel of your kisses
Your hands on my face
My skin tingles
As it always did
When you were near.

As if it were yesterday.
Tenderness and laughter
As we hopped onto those
New sheets that teased the
Air with promises
Of the scent of us both together.

The decades have passed,
As we followed different paths.
Though we stayed in touch
Throughout the years.

Meeting on a roadway,
The impossible coincidence
When both of us were thinking
Of the other,

Smiles in our hearts
Borne upon our lips, and there
You would be; there I would be
Impossibly together again.

Though we chose separate paths
There is ever a connection,
One that over decades and miles
Has proven steadfastly true.

I make my bed in my room
And the scent lingers
My heart beats faster.

I am sure,
Though I don’t know why
Nor how,
That we will meet again-
As we have
Throughout the years-
A coincidence
In time and place.

In each other’s embrace again
I feel the power of those times
The bond and a future yet untold.
Wrap around me with your arms.

The scent of new sheets
Of me with you-
Will flood us both again
For moments in time.

After the joy of seeing each other
A kiss much more than familiar-
And before the sadness of saying
What has always been:
Fare Well, dear one
Until we meet again.

We will both know a taste of
What once was
Of what might have been;
It comes together in our thoughts
Filled with the scent of each other
Wrapped in New Sheets.

February 23, 2020

Recompense and Lisa Page – In Deference of the Conservative Perspective Lisa Page Jpeg

Lisa Page was an educated FBI agent; an FBI Lawyer and adviser.

She has, after leaving the FBI, sought professional therapy. At this time, by her own device, she is holding interviews with media who have the same insupportable, unfounded fears about a duly elected President. Her rationale; she had to pay for therapy because her emails were exposed. It’s baseless to make the claim, as nothing she did while in the service of the FBI and these United States belongs to her. It belongs to the People.

As for therapy she had to pay for…

Not only was she emotionally unfit to BE in the FBI-her emails SHOW she was unfit at the time that they were composed. She exposes her bias & instability before the election; abused her FBI position, targeted someone without crime & without cause, amidst an illicit affair with a coworker. She’s suing because she needed and paid for therapy for the exposure of her email.  The facts support the opposite: Therapy may well be too little and way too late-by her own hand; under her own oversight.

Below is the oath Lisa Page swore to when she was commissioned into her position at the FBI.

FBI oath of office

I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend

the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign

and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or

purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the

duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Somewhere along the line, something within Lisa Page told her that a prospective non-politician candidate for President of the United States would overthrow our government and be so destructive to the nation as to lay foundation for an effort to stop him; an effort she would take willing part in. So blind to her own partiality in politics, it can be seen in her emails to a fellow FBI Agent with whom she was conducting an illicit affair. All of these facts, now clearly exposed, are straightforward indications of her instability and inability to conduct herself in an unbiased and clear-minded interpretation of exactly what she was doing in her position with the FBI.

Simply stated, she stepped off the deep end, and fell. She fell from her ability to clearly and without bias or influence, provide for the demands of her job. As an attorney, she fell from examination of facts to reactions of her inner un-supported fears of this Presidential Candidate. She transferred her fears; allowing them to become cornerstone of her purpose to fulfill her oath. Twisted by her baseless fears, she considered it her responsibility to make sure that the candidate did not succeed in becoming President. Her transference of fear was personified, and her FBI oath became her supporting scripture for having the right to take whatever measures necessary to keep this man from taking office, or to subvert him if he did.

Lisa Page wants a legal suit, and has a good lawyer. Her lawyer and legal team will garner their own publicly recognized names for this effort alone. They have nothing to lose in a nation composed of many citizens who bear the same irrational fears. You cannot BUY this kind of publicity. But she wants justice because of the way she was treated.

Half the nation wants to see Lisa Page get justice for what she participated in during her tenure with the FBI. Most of those people see incarceration-as that justice. But Lisa Page wants justification. She wants many to thank her for her job in the FBI against our President. These things will never wash away her failure to the People as a whole, to the Nation, and certainly NOT to her oath as an FBI agent. She wants recompense for having her personal email exposed. An FBI agent has no personal rights to email, distinctly when it refers to the actions of her position as an agent in the FBI.  More; she knew it.  Yet she still defied her office and indeed the citizens who trusted her to be like Lady Justice – blind to the emotional, blind to other’s feelings of truth vs. fact; only able to uphold the scales to facts as the balance of justice.

She needed therapy then. This need, and the imbalance of her personal logic should disqualify any recompense for having to tend to getting therapy for a condition that preceded her fall from grace; preceded the knowledge of the People of her failure to defend the facts rather than to alter an outcome that she and her consort chose as being right for the Nation, without regard to limitations of their oath, nor the rights of the People to expect them to keep from attempting to change the results of the vote of the People.

She may need therapy for a very long time. Perhaps it’s time to take Lisa Page to legal task in answer to her malfeasance and duplicity. If convicted, she won’t need to pay for her ongoing therapy any longer.  Her lawyers will ride her story to their own benefit. The citizens she figuratively defied with her own brand of slap in the face will see justice served.

She pursues recompense for therapy for her own inadequacies. Attorney Lisa Page took an oath of office.  It was to serve the People and uphold the Constitution.

Sadly, she did neither.

©Lin Cava – 12-18-2019

The changing of the US Voter Profile in US States by Design, A Manipulation – A Breakout Article.

Credit IB Times UK Adam Justice

Photo Credit: IB Times-UK, Adam Justice

Our US population growth by birth is below replacement level, which is less than zero population growth. Placement of Somali Refugees by US President Obama is set to have MASSIVE IMPACT on our vote, on our representation in the house, and on the future of the Nation. There is power in numbers. BHO made it happen.

 Of great concern is the creation and proliferation of voting enclaves. We must OUTLAW this kind of immigration special privilege.  A new law must confront what was done by the 44th President and needs to define that placement of REFUGEES into our nation must not be done as large settlements in groups that can become a vote district and can override the nature of the state’s citizens. This must be confronted in order to prevent a deliberate impact of votes in selected areas. This happened under BHO. Our population growth by birth is below replacement level-less than zero pop. growth. Our illegal entries into US is growing at phenomenal rates.(1) There is power in numbers.

Refugees, IF we accept them, our law must include compliance that refugees must be placed with the accepting STATE to find them shelter and they must be placed in ‘housing as available’, not in specially developed communities that will constitute a voting enclave.  We must mandate that the term “Voting Enclave” be legally defined, so to defy this manipulation of our vote.  Inclusive must be a law that does NOT PERMIT the FAST-TRACKING of American citizenship to refugees. If they want to become citizens, they must do so the way all others do, and in legal compliance and respect. Fast-tracking undermines both respect and perseverance in becoming a citizen and not a group put in place to change the very nature of our laws.

An example of how this works is evident when we examine how a MN Representative was voted in.  BHO’s plan was to relocate certain refugees into enclaves – all together. After their relocation, President Barrack Obama fast-tracked their citizenship. BHO placed100,000 refugees a year under this plan; in groups. Thousands were placed as an enclave in MN, and other Somali’s also joined them, some of whom were citizens.  As a large group, they had enough population to carry the vote – and the person they elected may be questionable for meeting the requirements of office in the way citizenship was attained.  We must have a law that keeps this from being manipulated by political plan.  Refugees must be placed in ‘housing as available’ and not in enclaves.

These enclaves are able, or will attain the level of being able to change the voting trend for political party of choice in the state they are in.  Simply put, Refugee voting enclaves will eventually be able to change districts and state votes from Red to Blue, over time.  Fast tracking citizenship and having others move into the same enclave areas expedites this change more quickly than anything we’ve seen before-other than the prospect of allowing the 25 million illegal aliens within our borders to vote. Of serious concern is that Fast-Tracking does not garner the respect nor the civil knowledge of our laws and legal system. One must WANT to be a citizen and be willing to live by US Law. Voting enclaves have no such incentives. They should not be granted a citizen’s rights if they are determined to make the US comply to the laws they desire, and not the law of the land.

As for asylum seekers:  We need to have a DNA database for asylum seekers for ANY and all non-citizens entering illegally who must be released into the country, as well as those in legal process awaiting a legal hearing; even if they return over the border out of US to await the hearing-to stop the use of children in immigration or asylum fraud.  It is a necessary compliance if they want to enter. CDC tests all legal entrants for certain diseases.  The list changes from time to time.  For decades, syphilis is tested for and those with it are not permitted entry. Permitting CDC testing to be circumvented is ignoring a measure protective to the People; the CITIZENS of the US, for which CDC functions. It’s only one element of many issues that are wrong with the way we handle immigration and the entry and placement of Refugees. In the US, our immigration over the borders allows a situation which exists because law has been broken by courts and political preferences rather than by the protections of our Constitutional protections, and bills going through the proper process of becoming law.

Safety of our citizens must be, and should EVER be the first and primary concern of our laws.  Our Congress has stopped doing their job in representing the CITIZENS of this nation, We must NOT let this continue, and we MUST NOT accept this standard that goes against everything the Constitution was meant to protect We, the People – from a government of Senators and Representatives gone awry.

As for the Refugee Enclaves created by BHO, they prosper. They are set to have massive impact in the 2020 vote, and consider, one more time that they will have more numbers in 2020 in the years since BHO placed them. The CENSUS of 2020 will allow states – and these enclaves within them; to become new districts for new Federal Representatives.  The amount of representatives in the House are based on the Census.

I can see no way to change the impact that was pre-planned and executed by a President who used his office and powers as POTUS to deliberately and hands-on, change the voting impact of a nation. The representation of natural citizens and those who diligently comply, learn and make an effort to become citizens of the USA have been USURPED and will continue to be usurped.  THIS is why we have the power to IMPEACH. It is the only way I can see to untie the knots that bind the citizens of the US who were not brought in by plan, were not fast-tracked for votes and who will lose, by plan, their ability to expect the laws of the land to safeguard them from this type theft from all who did not become citizens by the abuse of power of a President of the Nation to steal our rights away by deliberate plan.

Lin Cava ©   4/4/2019   –   Revision 12/6/2019


Draining The Swamp – Promises Made/Promises Kept

POTUS TRUMP - Air Force One on the phone2

“Draining The Swamp” seen through the act of an Impeachment Inquiry                              By Lin Cava – November 24, 2019

Dems put POTUS on public trial citing crimes without meeting the criteria of proper evidence. Yet PUBLICLY AVAILABLE Evidence shows that THEY enrich themselves via International Grants to Foreign Nations of TAXPAYER dollars.

POTUS was stripped of legal process and rights in their travesty court hearings entitled  Impeachment Investigation by the very same society who’ve BROKERED PERSONAL WEALTH via grants of tax money to foreign nations-taking millions back for themselves in a multiplicity of methods.

The exchange for salary and benefits well beyond the capability of a close relative to acquire by forthright means; and moneys invested or donated to organizations that they have a siphon into is Graft-straight up.


A colloquial term referring to the unlawful acquisition of public money through questionable and improper transactions with public officials.

Graft is the personal gain or advantage earned by an individual at the expense of others as a result of the exploitation of the singular status of, or an influential relationship with, another who has a position of public trust or confidence. The advantage or gain is accrued without any exchange of legitimate compensatory services.

Behavior that leads to graft includes Bribery and dishonest dealings in the performance of public or official acts. Graft usually implies the existence of theft, corruption, Fraud, and the lack of integrity that is expected in any transaction involving a public official.

West’s Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


noun blackmail, bribery, corruption, fraudulent income, hush money, illegal profit, illicit profit, illicit revenue, inserere, kickback, money illegally accuired, political corruption, profiteering, property illegally acquired, unjust acquisition, unlawful gain
Associated concepts: bribery, corruption, official misconduct


All along it has appeared that those that are intimate with these crimes are pushing to dirty a POTUS we elected to RID US of OUR POLITICIANS who seek personal wealth and gain from the transactions of taxpayer funds – elsewhere but especially to foreign nations. Foreign nations are not accessible to US investigations the same way as IN the USA. These nations must undertake their own investigations.  There are cooperating nations and reluctant ones.

POTUS Trump took the first initiative.  When President Trump asked Ukraine’s new leaders to look into it, he was in the act of fulfilling a campaign promise to the People to, in his promise vernacular, “Drain the Swamp”. This IS how it’s done – one cannot demand a foreign nation do so, one must request it, respectfully.

We need an accounting of how much money came back around into the hands of our politicians via Foundations, Societies, close personal relatives, related businesses and business personnel.  It’s out there.  It’s DISCOVERABLE and IT’S TIME.

GITMO awaits.


The Whistle-Blower Conundrum

October 30, 2019

If we needed to set the scene to entice a whistle blower, we would need to plan it to be a safe-zone for such a person.  We would need to promote the cloak of heroism onto the would-be whistle-blower.  Someone would need to entice them.  Yes, them.  The conditions as they are today have already had the stage set.

Sounds quite a bit like the scene and circumstance initiated by Democrats in the House of Representatives.  The Democrats, having nothing more than the watered-down soup of their own unsupported accusations are in search of a prybar, a device to break into a sound circumstance and nearly magically turn that watery foundation into a hearty stew – one set to support accusation where no cause exists.

The psychology of the whistle-blower reveals that not all whistle-blowers are, in any way, heroes.  The psychology of a pseudo-hero, so desirous of being recognized for heroism, creates a perfect storm for the seekers of a whistle-blower–and the satisfaction of the hero-syndrome complex.

Those who have become Whistle-blowers to confront and end an untenable situation are not what is being sought by a political party in its focus to take down a President. There is no valor here in their search. The tone and tenor of former CIA chief John Brennan’s open invitation to whistle-blowers is enough for all who heard it over and again, to know this is not about heroism. It is about gain; in this case, political gain.  Simply, the Party of Democrats in a pointed effort to unseat a duly elected POTUS has put out a whistle-blower scenario, pointedly, by someone who was not in possession of facts or first-hand knowledge, but as bait.

The Whistle Blower appeal drives those people who seek attention while claiming the heroic.  The Party did not have any evidence; and needed it. The appeal; a tool to get someone, anyone, who was willing to claim it, and had the exposure to use whatever the Party wanted, in order to fulfill their need, and thus, become a hero – on a grand scale.  In plain language, they needed a stoolie.  No would-be hero by proxy would ever heed to that call; but it’s exactly what they seek; and will continue to seek. They have no evidence, so they will get someone to provide it; someone who sees it as a noble fulfillment. The Brennan bait offered it specifically.  The closed hearings were enough to both keep such a person interested, but allow the Party to take whatever time necessary in order to find just such a person or persons.  Coincidentally, we are to believe, within the timing of an election process in full swing.

All of these things are in, and shall remain, in motion. The push to find anything that will promote their preferred narrative by advertising for a heroic whistle blower are documented in Brennan’s appeal. Keep in mind that a person’s “feelings” that their first-hand appraisal of a conversation as being improper, simply does not substantiate that their opinion makes it so.

Ultimately, those answering the call to satiate their personal hero syndrome will be romanced into the role. This Whistle-Blower will not be given kudos and a medal. He will be used and discarded; unable to recover or reverse any of it.

The portrait of a Whistle-Blower who, even when for the heroic act, often includes being excluded and avoided, cast out from those who would rather not associate with them, be loyal to them, or even hire them. Negative connotations of what some whistle blowers have done which is not heroic, in turn, transfers onto the sincere, and will ultimately exclude, rather than embrace them.

Law Enforcement must meet a high and exacting standard, yet our Representatives are avoiding it.  They can keep their enticed help and stick to the facts; ALL the facts, and yes, NOTHING BUT the facts.

Transparency is OWED to the PEOPLE, whom they must serve. If they cannot shine the full light of day on what all the facts are, then they are cherry picking to suit, not the law, but their chosen narrative. There’s directorial manipulation going on in the House “impeachment inquiry’ to present a production of deliberately limited scope; and the whistle blower is part of their well doctored picture.  Why do we not hear more about the original whistle blower? Is it due toe problems with the content of claims is based on hearsay and not fact?  Was whistle-blower 1 the enticement to invite someone more believable, someone who may have seen the transcripts before they were released?  Perhaps it’s someone who is motivated; like may of the ‘friends’ of Blasey-Ford; to come forward and get their spin on what has always been Presidential privilege to keep conversations between heads of state classified.  We may only know if, and when, the process becomes totally transparent.  Until such time, it is a twisting of the esteemed position the House has created. They have placed themselves as though royalty, totally ignoring the rights of the accused and the position of the Presidency to be effective.

The Democrats are building an Ivory Tower of Justification upon a foundation that is more quicksand than block and mortar.


-Marion C. Fletcher ©10-2019   In collaboration with Lin Cava




US Security Clearance Process in the US: Focus on Policy, Not Persons


About The Process

The security clearance process involves the initial clearance (which is the most costly), and includes records and information that does not change. Renewal of clearance does not call for repeating their investigation of discovery regarding permanent information, and is, therefore, less involved and less costly. A thorough and well maintained security clearance must never be political. It is a neutral and unbiased process.

Clearances are inclusive of legal reviews and field work to obtain information from family members, teachers, employers, and neighbors. A great deal of the required fieldwork to obtain full information is where the initial expense, as well as the time and effort of several investigators, is concentrated.

The cost of a first security clearance has been estimated at $25,000.00, though there is no documentation available to review; it may, in real cost, be a much higher figure. Employee time for Inspectors to complete the field work alone indicates that this is likely.

Modernization, New Technology, and Updated US Security Clearance Process

The focus on a September 2013 incident in the Washington Navy Yard where 34-year-old Navy contractor Aaron Alexis opened fire, shot and killed twelve people, and wounded, by gunshot, another eight; brought scrutiny to the security clearance processes used. Alexis had maintained his security clearance although there were serious concerns about his mental health as well as an arrest that bypassed examination by investigators; yet was never considered in his security clearance.

The Aaron Alexis incident, as well as other high profile incidents, triggered scrutiny in the security clearance process; bringing background investigative protocols, means and methods under examination. Indeed, there is a backlog of more than a year. It has kept individuals waiting due to the backlog in the Office of Personnel Management. Some of the Trump Administration personnel have waited to have their security clearance come through for 16 months.

The Pentagon has taken over the security clearance process, to be handled by the Department of Defense from the Office of Personnel Management (OPR). The transition will be completed over the next three years, and is currently in progress. Handling of all new and renewal investigations will be done by the DOD, which will allow OPM to complete their backlog more expeditiously. The updated process, beginning with military and civilian employees as well as contractors, is now under DOD purview. DOD will not pursue the completion of security clearance investigations already in progress at OPM. Expectations are for a 20% backlog reduction within six months.

US Security Clearance Process Entails Streamlined Vetting

A U.S. official has stated it is anticipated the White House is to give additional authority to perform the security reviews for most other governmental agencies in the near future. An update to the 2012 Federal Standards used to vet security clearance requirements will be under new guidelines from the National Intelligence Director. There will be new means to allow crossover workers to move more expeditiously between private and government sectors, eliminating the need for new clearances.

The Officer of the Director of National Intelligence is the executive agent for the program which sets guidelines for security requirements based on Federal investigative guidelines. The Pentagon and OPM will do the vetting, working with DNI.

Due to changes in technology, processes, and sources, the field work will be reduced to allow automated and continuous checks, meaning it can supply the same or similar information currently taking hundreds of days at great expense. As a result, the department is discovering problems years before a five year Top Secret Clearance renewal or a ten year Secret Clearance would have exposed them.

The take over by Pentagon will be instrumental for quicker, less labor-intensive investigations in the new system. In addition, it will also carry with it more current information than the prior process. This is very relevant to the objective of continuing to maintain security clearance once an employee has separated from U.S. service.

Policy Vs. Persons

Like John Brennan, a consensus among those involved or previously involved with having security clearance after separation demonstrates a strong opposition to having their clearances suspended. The change of venue of the process and significant changes to the means and methods currently in place now supports the shift in focus from decisions to suspend or discontinue security clearance when one separates from their services related to their clearance.

Though decisions to revoke may be made due to non-compliance to governing rules of conduct by any individual, the normal separation process will no longer demand that security clearance be continued where an ex-employee can have access to secure information. Instead, it can convert into a state of a suspended clearance which can now be reinstated promptly, allowing for any renewal of information to take place in a way that will not hinder the recall of personnel should a need arise.

Old means and methods are not doing the job in a way that addresses the needs of the nation. New methods and means not only address these needs, but it also serves to expedite the renewal process significantly. It is this ability that will allow personnel to separate from service without the need to afford access to a system that was meant to be and remain secure.

Further, the Pentagon’s purview over suspending all security clearances will attain at least three obvious goals. The first to enable them to stop the cost of keeping security clearances in place while allowing quick reinstatement if called for. The second goal and one not appreciated by those who profit by having a post-service security clearance is the demonetization of having it. Nothing remotely connected to security clearance should be monetized, and the new methodology will eliminate it. Lastly, and with our knowledge of leaks of secured information, this system will curtail leaks with a focus on total elimination of the leaking of secured information.

Lin Cava / Writer
I am a seasoned writer. I use creative writing poetry and art as a means of self-expression. As I observe the state of the world and particularly the state of the USA, I turn my effort and attention to reveal the issues we must, as a nation, redeem.  My article was originally publilshed on NRN.