Worm in the Tequila

Worm in the Tequila 13-3-2013

Worm in the Tequila is fractal art which I rendered in Apophysis. Post process work includes layering in Gimp; 3 iterations of the original PNG transparency, added a gradient and one black layer 100% Opacity as background layer.

PhotoFiltre was used for the frames and the addition of Text. I make use of Creative Commons copyright, and the piece may be used as long as my signature and frame/text remain part of the work. It can be used as a wallpaper, as well.

On this site, the piece publishes in a small size, and not as clear as I would prefer. I will post it tomorrow night to my deviantart gallery. From that Gallery, permissions are given for full sized downloads.

More of my fractal art is published at http://www.lincava.deviantart.com