Recompense and Lisa Page – In Deference of the Conservative Perspective Lisa Page Jpeg

Lisa Page was an educated FBI agent; an FBI Lawyer and adviser.

She has, after leaving the FBI, sought professional therapy. At this time, by her own device, she is holding interviews with media who have the same insupportable, unfounded fears about a duly elected President. Her rationale; she had to pay for therapy because her emails were exposed. It’s baseless to make the claim, as nothing she did while in the service of the FBI and these United States belongs to her. It belongs to the People.

As for therapy she had to pay for…

Not only was she emotionally unfit to BE in the FBI-her emails SHOW she was unfit at the time that they were composed. She exposes her bias & instability before the election; abused her FBI position, targeted someone without crime & without cause, amidst an illicit affair with a coworker. She’s suing because she needed and paid for therapy for the exposure of her email.  The facts support the opposite: Therapy may well be too little and way too late-by her own hand; under her own oversight.

Below is the oath Lisa Page swore to when she was commissioned into her position at the FBI.

FBI oath of office

I [name] do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend

the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign

and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or

purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the

duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

Somewhere along the line, something within Lisa Page told her that a prospective non-politician candidate for President of the United States would overthrow our government and be so destructive to the nation as to lay foundation for an effort to stop him; an effort she would take willing part in. So blind to her own partiality in politics, it can be seen in her emails to a fellow FBI Agent with whom she was conducting an illicit affair. All of these facts, now clearly exposed, are straightforward indications of her instability and inability to conduct herself in an unbiased and clear-minded interpretation of exactly what she was doing in her position with the FBI.

Simply stated, she stepped off the deep end, and fell. She fell from her ability to clearly and without bias or influence, provide for the demands of her job. As an attorney, she fell from examination of facts to reactions of her inner un-supported fears of this Presidential Candidate. She transferred her fears; allowing them to become cornerstone of her purpose to fulfill her oath. Twisted by her baseless fears, she considered it her responsibility to make sure that the candidate did not succeed in becoming President. Her transference of fear was personified, and her FBI oath became her supporting scripture for having the right to take whatever measures necessary to keep this man from taking office, or to subvert him if he did.

Lisa Page wants a legal suit, and has a good lawyer. Her lawyer and legal team will garner their own publicly recognized names for this effort alone. They have nothing to lose in a nation composed of many citizens who bear the same irrational fears. You cannot BUY this kind of publicity. But she wants justice because of the way she was treated.

Half the nation wants to see Lisa Page get justice for what she participated in during her tenure with the FBI. Most of those people see incarceration-as that justice. But Lisa Page wants justification. She wants many to thank her for her job in the FBI against our President. These things will never wash away her failure to the People as a whole, to the Nation, and certainly NOT to her oath as an FBI agent. She wants recompense for having her personal email exposed. An FBI agent has no personal rights to email, distinctly when it refers to the actions of her position as an agent in the FBI.  More; she knew it.  Yet she still defied her office and indeed the citizens who trusted her to be like Lady Justice – blind to the emotional, blind to other’s feelings of truth vs. fact; only able to uphold the scales to facts as the balance of justice.

She needed therapy then. This need, and the imbalance of her personal logic should disqualify any recompense for having to tend to getting therapy for a condition that preceded her fall from grace; preceded the knowledge of the People of her failure to defend the facts rather than to alter an outcome that she and her consort chose as being right for the Nation, without regard to limitations of their oath, nor the rights of the People to expect them to keep from attempting to change the results of the vote of the People.

She may need therapy for a very long time. Perhaps it’s time to take Lisa Page to legal task in answer to her malfeasance and duplicity. If convicted, she won’t need to pay for her ongoing therapy any longer.  Her lawyers will ride her story to their own benefit. The citizens she figuratively defied with her own brand of slap in the face will see justice served.

She pursues recompense for therapy for her own inadequacies. Attorney Lisa Page took an oath of office.  It was to serve the People and uphold the Constitution.

Sadly, she did neither.

©Lin Cava – 12-18-2019