The changing of the US Voter Profile in US States by Design, A Manipulation – A Breakout Article.

Credit IB Times UK Adam Justice

Photo Credit: IB Times-UK, Adam Justice

Our US population growth by birth is below replacement level, which is less than zero population growth. Placement of Somali Refugees by US President Obama is set to have MASSIVE IMPACT on our vote, on our representation in the house, and on the future of the Nation. There is power in numbers. BHO made it happen.

 Of great concern is the creation and proliferation of voting enclaves. We must OUTLAW this kind of immigration special privilege.  A new law must confront what was done by the 44th President and needs to define that placement of REFUGEES into our nation must not be done as large settlements in groups that can become a vote district and can override the nature of the state’s citizens. This must be confronted in order to prevent a deliberate impact of votes in selected areas. This happened under BHO. Our population growth by birth is below replacement level-less than zero pop. growth. Our illegal entries into US is growing at phenomenal rates.(1) There is power in numbers.

Refugees, IF we accept them, our law must include compliance that refugees must be placed with the accepting STATE to find them shelter and they must be placed in ‘housing as available’, not in specially developed communities that will constitute a voting enclave.  We must mandate that the term “Voting Enclave” be legally defined, so to defy this manipulation of our vote.  Inclusive must be a law that does NOT PERMIT the FAST-TRACKING of American citizenship to refugees. If they want to become citizens, they must do so the way all others do, and in legal compliance and respect. Fast-tracking undermines both respect and perseverance in becoming a citizen and not a group put in place to change the very nature of our laws.

An example of how this works is evident when we examine how a MN Representative was voted in.  BHO’s plan was to relocate certain refugees into enclaves – all together. After their relocation, President Barrack Obama fast-tracked their citizenship. BHO placed100,000 refugees a year under this plan; in groups. Thousands were placed as an enclave in MN, and other Somali’s also joined them, some of whom were citizens.  As a large group, they had enough population to carry the vote – and the person they elected may be questionable for meeting the requirements of office in the way citizenship was attained.  We must have a law that keeps this from being manipulated by political plan.  Refugees must be placed in ‘housing as available’ and not in enclaves.

These enclaves are able, or will attain the level of being able to change the voting trend for political party of choice in the state they are in.  Simply put, Refugee voting enclaves will eventually be able to change districts and state votes from Red to Blue, over time.  Fast tracking citizenship and having others move into the same enclave areas expedites this change more quickly than anything we’ve seen before-other than the prospect of allowing the 25 million illegal aliens within our borders to vote. Of serious concern is that Fast-Tracking does not garner the respect nor the civil knowledge of our laws and legal system. One must WANT to be a citizen and be willing to live by US Law. Voting enclaves have no such incentives. They should not be granted a citizen’s rights if they are determined to make the US comply to the laws they desire, and not the law of the land.

As for asylum seekers:  We need to have a DNA database for asylum seekers for ANY and all non-citizens entering illegally who must be released into the country, as well as those in legal process awaiting a legal hearing; even if they return over the border out of US to await the hearing-to stop the use of children in immigration or asylum fraud.  It is a necessary compliance if they want to enter. CDC tests all legal entrants for certain diseases.  The list changes from time to time.  For decades, syphilis is tested for and those with it are not permitted entry. Permitting CDC testing to be circumvented is ignoring a measure protective to the People; the CITIZENS of the US, for which CDC functions. It’s only one element of many issues that are wrong with the way we handle immigration and the entry and placement of Refugees. In the US, our immigration over the borders allows a situation which exists because law has been broken by courts and political preferences rather than by the protections of our Constitutional protections, and bills going through the proper process of becoming law.

Safety of our citizens must be, and should EVER be the first and primary concern of our laws.  Our Congress has stopped doing their job in representing the CITIZENS of this nation, We must NOT let this continue, and we MUST NOT accept this standard that goes against everything the Constitution was meant to protect We, the People – from a government of Senators and Representatives gone awry.

As for the Refugee Enclaves created by BHO, they prosper. They are set to have massive impact in the 2020 vote, and consider, one more time that they will have more numbers in 2020 in the years since BHO placed them. The CENSUS of 2020 will allow states – and these enclaves within them; to become new districts for new Federal Representatives.  The amount of representatives in the House are based on the Census.

I can see no way to change the impact that was pre-planned and executed by a President who used his office and powers as POTUS to deliberately and hands-on, change the voting impact of a nation. The representation of natural citizens and those who diligently comply, learn and make an effort to become citizens of the USA have been USURPED and will continue to be usurped.  THIS is why we have the power to IMPEACH. It is the only way I can see to untie the knots that bind the citizens of the US who were not brought in by plan, were not fast-tracked for votes and who will lose, by plan, their ability to expect the laws of the land to safeguard them from this type theft from all who did not become citizens by the abuse of power of a President of the Nation to steal our rights away by deliberate plan.

Lin Cava ©   4/4/2019   –   Revision 12/6/2019


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