The Grassroots cry to our broken political parties: DO YOUR JOBS!

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Serve the PEOPLE not the PARTY;

Not the POWER

The above statement should give every reader pause to ponder why the Democrats are so obviously fond of the expression “Speak Truth to Power”. Truth, by the way, is SUBJECTIVE; it’s POWER that is the end goal.

WE need to petition for a bill. Congress is not entitled to do deep digging investigations into the past history of an elected POTUS simply because they don’t WANT him to be POTUS. This defies our constitutional rights on many levels.  Only WE, THE PEOPLE can hold Congress responsible to represent the nation to do their jobs. The first way is to petition them to REQUIRE they convene specifically to amend immigration law, which is of pressing urgency. As practiced now, immigration has become harmful to ALL PARTIES concerned. Our Petition must state that the People require that Congress must convene to confront the broken immigration laws bi-laterally until they reach a workable solution that passes Congress and can be signed by POTUS. After DECADES of using these broken laws for their own Party or personal advantage, WE The People must demand they undertake this issue and continue UNTIL the agreement is met, and the law works to both limit the number we take in, and the way we and the applicants must go about doing so.

Further, if a political party can so manipulate through the specifically engineered laws to PREVENT what they are doing – in order to make a target of a duly elected POTUS, then what is next?  Who is next?  This cannot be permitted to continue; the targeting of people with only hearsay as evidence, and the focus of Congress to PRIMARILY serve their party and not the Citizens.

Insofar as Immigration issues are concerned, we, as Citizens should no longer condone the non-action of our elected Congress to fix the broken laws concerning immigration. Here, in my estimation, is a start as to what we need to look at and possible ways to fix it.  We cannot replace the problematic laws and judge-ordered compliances to skirt around the issues. We must demand that our elected Senators and Representatives do their jobs, not just committees, but actual new law accomplishing a comprehensive fix to the immigration law’s problems that are hurting the nations CITIZENS, taking the working citizen’s taxes and rather than do their job, go after a POTUS they want to nullify.  Nullification is not impeachment. It can completely reverse everything a POTUS has done.  There are signs and whispers of it happening now, and it’s an issue, separate from immigration, but born of the same political persuasions as ignoring the immigration problems: Party and Power over People.

The US needs LIMITS on the number of immigrants we can take in, and a 3-question TEST before those applying for Asylum can ‘stay’  for a hearing.

1st-they must be in mortal danger.

2nd-they must request Asylum at the first nation’s soil they arrive in outside their native nation.

3rd-they must be able to show valid proof of identity. No US Ships or means of transportation can be considered to be US soil for the purposes of claiming ‘first nation’ arrival, though they may be transported to the right agency if they arrive on US soil DIRECTLY.

 If they’ve been offered asylum or work visas elsewhere prior to arrival on US soil, they don’t comply for the necessity of asylum. They must leave the US and re-enter to apply for citizenship through normal means, and not for asylum. They must comply to DNA testing for identification and a Database. (so the law must mandate a DNA database) If they are with children, they must permit CDC testing for disease as is usual, and a DNA test to confirm that the children with whom they traveled are their own children. Once returned over the border, they cannot cross back over into the US until they have proof of identity and fully comply with all necessary elements in the revised law.

 In the event that they do qualify by the three question test to proceed with Asylum, they must have nearly immediate preliminary hearings and DNA ID for all family members to comply with requirements of asylum.  US Immigration and Naturalization must be given the budget to increase personnel to comply to speedy review and court hearings. The law must state specifically that a petitioner or immigrant awaiting review cannot be released into the US until a court hearing and must either go back over the border they entered through, until such time as they can comply to immigration requirements. In order to be effective, a budget and personnel must improve to be able to handle the new time constraints.  There must also be a limit, once again in the US, for taking in immigrants.

DNA testing give the government an accurate database both conducive to prevent fraud, and to keep families united should they be assigned to a later hearing.  DNA testing will become the element that will compel people to return for their hearing or to notify the courts of where they are living so they can receive notifications regarding their request for asylum.  DNA will also become a means to identify students and adults before they have their completed citizenship.

 All of the above must be written into Asylum and Immigration law.

We must also increase the personnel necessary to handle the enforcement process at the border, the construction of permanent court structures, medical facilities, CDC personnel and barracks for short term stays during a limited time to process their claims, and the building of secure detention centers for illegal entrants. Illegal entrants without crime can be given due process and returned over the same border they breeched to apply for work visas, immigration status and for compliance to all immigration requirements; from outside the US before re-entry.  Illegal entrants who are found to be guilty of crimes can be deported or given a jail sentence.  All must comply to DNA testing for database and tracking.

Those wishing to re-enter legally, who have been returned over the US borders and who are given the opportunity to apply legally, will be subject to annual overall limits.  Should they have had a DNA test done upon first entry and turned back, they must be prepared to pay for the secondary test as a compliance issue to ascertain their identity matches the first entry. They must also comply with all requirements of application for immigrating to the US.

 We must also include a way to close or reduce the number of new immigration if the US cannot handle all the requirements mandated by the new law or if it is found that the US cannot support the legal and proper process for the current limit. The closing of the amount of immigrants we permit to apply each year, except for severe conditions mandating asylum, will be a determination made based upon the ability for all designated and available personnel to process the incoming applicants within the time constraint of 14 days. By closing the number for a set period of time, personnel can be added or replaced to meet new, possibly lower limit of immigrants and asylum seekers for process. 

 It must be clearly stated that if any immigrant comes across the border illegally without identification, and do not pass the 3 question test for asylum will be processed prior to that determination, receive medical tests for disease and DNA identification while awaiting the 14 day decision. If immigration applicants or asylum applicants that do not qualify for asylum came in illegally without crossing at a point of entry, they may be returned over the point of entry. If they choose to stay for a secondary hearing, they may be subject to being convicted of a crime and eliminated as an immigration candidate and can suffer deportation or jail time.

 Am I a lawyer? No. Do I have all elements legally needed to put into a bill?  Likely not. So we need help to get this done.  This is why we need an advocate who has the knowledge and training to put this together for us BEFORE we petition Congress.  We will need many signatures, and a large database.

Our US population growth by birth is below replacement level-less than zero population growth. Our illegal entries into US is growing at phenomenal rates. There is power in numbers.

 Lastly, and of great concern regarding voting enclaves, the bill must include that placement of REFUGEES into our nation must not be done as large groups in order to dis-allow impact of  votes in selected areas. This happened under BHO. Our population growth by birth is below replacement level-less than zero pop. growth. Our illegal entries into US is growing at phenomenal rates.(1) There is power in numbers.

Refugees, IF we accept them, our law must include compliance that refugees must be placed with the accepting STATE to find them shelter and they must be placed in ‘housing as available’, not in specially developed communities that will constitute a voting enclave.  We must mandate that the term “Voting Enclave” be legally defined, so to defy this manipulation of our vote.  Inclusive must be a law that does NOT PERMIT fast-tracking citizenship of refugees. If they want to become citizens, they must do so the way all others do.

 An example of how this works is evident when we examine how a MN Representative was voted in.  BHO’s plan was to relocate certain refugees into enclaves – all together. After their relocation, President Barrack Obama fast-tracked their citizenship.  Many thousands were placed as an enclave in MN, and others then also joined them, some of whom were citizens.  As a large group, they had enough population to carry the vote – and the person they elected may be questionable for meeting the requirements of office in the way citizenship was attained.  We must have a law that keeps this from being manipulated by politics.  Refugees must be placed in ‘housing as available’ and not in enclaves.  These enclaves are able, or will attain the level of being able to change the voting trend for political party of choice in the state they are in.  Simply put, Refugee voting enclaves will eventually be able to change districts and state votes from Red to Blue, over time.  Fast tracking citizenship and having others move into the same enclave areas expedites this change more quickly than anything we’ve seen before-other than the prospect of allowing the 25 million illegal aliens within our borders to vote.

As it is, if an immigrant comes in legally, CDC tests them for disease. If they come in illegally but seek asylum, CDC tests them for disease. All those entering illegally are NOT tested for disease unless and until apprehended.  They are currently spreading disease wherever they travel within the country.

 We need to have a DNA database for asylum seekers, and ANY non-citizen entering illegally who must be released into the country, as well as those in legal process awaiting a legal hearing; even if they return over the border out of US to await the hearing-to stop the use of children in immigration or asylum fraud.  It’s only one element of many issues that are wrong with the way we handle immigration. In the US, immigration we have a situation which exists because law has been broken by courts and political preferences rather than by the protections of our Constitutional laws, and bills going through the proper process of becoming law. Safety of our citizens must be, and should EVER be the first and primary concern of our laws.  Our Congress has stopped doing their job in representing the CITIZENS of this nation, and instead, is in pursuit of issues that are strictly political and for the benefit of their Political Party rather than the Citizens of the nation.  Regarding this unprecedented focus to harm President Trump and his administration, there has to be a way to stop the atrocious manufacture of a crime based upon demanded unknown many documents and records that they have no right to review – simply to manufacture charges against a POTUS they just did not want in office. We must NOT let this continue, and we MUST NOT accept this standard that goes against everything the Constitution was meant to protect We, the People – from a government of Senators and Representatives gone awry.

Lin Cava ©   4/4/2019


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