“Medicare for All”- but what do we lose?

Alex Wong-Medicare for All

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States mainly controlled by Democrats are changing what the legal definition of PERSON is. States had to do that to install their new late-term abortion law. But the Democratic Party doesn’t want us to look any further than that.


Democrats were all over the Governor of VA, Ralph Northam after the radio show he was on answering questions about their proposed law revealed that he has put a spin on his Hippocratic Oath. This is of great consequence, along with it, a question of when a person is deemed, well, a PERSON. Federal law says that the first breath after birth is a person and must be treated as an individual. Dr. Northam, Governor totally ignored the Hippocratic Oath in his radio interview, clearly allowing the a death decision to be made after life legally began: the definition by law of a person.  He let the cat out of the bag.

What ensued was an overreaction by the Democratic leadership to squash the exposure and focus on getting him out.  They did not focus on what to many was an abomination to murder a newborn breathing independently, and a legal person.  They did NOT want that noticed.  Instead, the focus of the attack centered around decades old racially unacceptable behavior. It seemed odd to many who said how could they condemn him for the yearbook, but not for what was seen by many, and is quite legally infanticide under federal law by the definition of a person.

The “WHY” of it all…

Regardless of how humanitarian the Democrats want this Social program to sound, make no mistake that it is costly.  The COST will be shouldered by ALL citizens, and will create a chasm between the wealthy and powerful from the rest of the citizenry. It will, as it has done elsewhere, eliminate much of the standard of living enjoyed by the middle class Americans.

The Democratic thrust of their Presidential Campaign main Plank of the 2020 Presidential election platform is one that the Party is defining as “Medicare for All”. Apart from the outcry over a Medicare system we have contributed to from our own pay, they use this and more to obfuscate what rights the government of the United States will relieve every US citizen of.

First up – No Private Insurance. Many are already asking “WHY?”  Those with money won’t have policies in the United States.  Some may decide to have a health savings plan that will allow them to put money into that type of policy to cover a number of things that might happen.  A savings plan pays cash to an individual.  These days, such plans can be purchased in the US, or from private organizations.  There are plans administered outside the US through Flexible Spending Plans.  However, the system is set up to restrict the use with US oversight. The only true way to get the healthcare you want or may need outside US would be to have money.  Therefore, the wealthy in places with socialized medicine are using resort type hospitals for their health and other procedures where Socialized plans do not include them.

Those folks in nations with socialized medicine and with more than enough funds to do so have created a need, and the Medical Industry is responding to it. Resort type hospitals have sprung-up worldwide to fill the need for those who want specialized care but cannot get it under socialized medicine. The hospitals reside in resort areas and on tropical islands: And they are thriving. Why would socialized medicine not have these procedures within their home nations and under their purview?  Because it is the Government in charge of social medicine that makes decisions with a Government doctor, and a possible review board with other government specialists. You may even be able to pay for a doctor to give supporting statements in your favor, but your doctor won’t decide.

Ever wonder WHY we had to get to know what was in the ACA after it was voted in?

In order to have any kind of socialized healthcare as in Medicare for All, the government must have the ability to make determinations about your health. They use medical professionals who work for the government and use factors such as risk and cost to make their determinations. What does this mean?

It means the Government has to be able to make life and death decisions regarding your healthcare, can and will base those decisions upon issues such as life expectancy and COST of treatment vs. life expectancy after treatment. From the time before one is ‘a person’,  until what becomes one’s last breath, they must make determinations which affect not only life and death issues, but quality of care available.  As example consider the approval of a hip-replacement surgery granted for the same conditions in a younger person, and yet declined in an older person. Cost effectiveness is a factor. So are considerations if a person is healthy enough to survive the procedure.  The deciding factor can come down to age/life expectancy.

Take a moment to think back to the British couple with their baby, Alfie Evans, who was offered life-extending new treatment by the doctor who developed it. British doctors refused to operate on Alfie, but another doctor in Italy, had developed a new treatment plan that has been successful in extending life. Not only did the British prohibit this, but they stopped, for a brief time in Alfie’s brief life, allowing parents to see him. They decided Alfie could not leave for the treatment. Even after the court case, the British did not allow the parents to remove Alfie from England for the treatment. This decision was made – not for Alfie’s life, who had nothing left to lose – but for legal and governmental reasons.

Every American citizen should know that this is what is at stake, hidden in the late-term, and after delivery deaths. No longer is everything possible being done to save life- and the power to decide is not in the hands of the person, it will be fully owned by the Government Medicare system. The Government decides. If “Medicare for All” is ushered into this nation, it is this that we must contend with.

This is what Medicare for All gives away; this is what we LOSE, what our children lose, and what the masses of those without healthcare will gain.  There area better ways, but those ways do not cement the power into the hands of the politically privileged and those with the means to cover their own healthcare outside the US.  Our Mr. Trump knows what socialized programs do; and he works to keep the PEOPLE from being split into two classes condemned to have little choice in the matter of their own lives.

I, for one, do not want the government to own the rights to my life.  How about you?

-Lin Cava     2-25-2019 revised