Newspeak, And Control Over The Masses

Still apropos.

Lin Cava

Who among us does not consider that the language of “texting” is not Newspeak? Those in constant exchange with this simplified, lack of structure language may not even understand the reference.

Big Brother has been watching, for many years – and in 1984, there were watchers already in place. The standard has only gotten more sophisticated since. This – WordPress – is a site with many writers, many bloggers and many opines. Though we are all entitled to our opinions, the world is rife with replacing common sense by unqualified opinion. Our facts are not hard facts, they aren’t even soft facts – they are revisionist information that folks are allowed to presume are full and accurate portrayals of fact.
Though many personal opinions can be complete with true and honest fact, to the best of the person’s ability to determine them, the majority of blogs, and opinion, are not…

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