An Open Letter to the Trump Campaign

Do you remember HRCs false promise to NOT use NY as her launching pad to the Presidency?  There are many voters in the 2016 Presidential election who don’t.  They should be reminded.

“The campaign trail was not always friendly. For almost every cheer, there was a shouted “Go home, Hillary!” and the emerging Republican theme that carpetbagger Clinton simply wanted to use New York as a launching pad for a later presidential run. She pledged to serve her full six-year Senate term if elected.” ( )

What happened to that and other NY Senate campaign promises? Hillary did stay her six years. However one needs to bring out the facts.  Everything the former Senator lays claims as her own was handled, designed and mentored by Senator Schumer.  I’m a New Yorker and think a PAC should spell out how little she did there – on her own merit.  Expect the same if she becomes President.

This is a candidate who has a history – and not an exemplary one – that pre-dates a large chunk of her constituency.  How about bringing those voters up-to-date on historical facts?  She was first female Chair of Legal Services Corporation, and a law based business woman.  As such, she was in a position as to have the responsibility of knowing legal/laws regarding record retention.  Record retention covers everything from employee/employment records through to documentation of business, inclusive of correspondence – all correspondence that is business related.  As Chair of Legal Services she had to know the laws of discovery.  This is an important revelation to the newer voter base, as well as others.  It directly exposes that the “I wasn’t told until after…” excuse is invalid. The invalidity of her excuse is currently backed up by the information released as a result of the inquiry of the server issue by the State Department’s Inspector General.

There is so much more out there, all of it on the record.  It sometimes means that one must expose the knowledge then connect the dots, as with records and confidentiality laws.  Secretary of State – and we allow her to use such lame excuses?  She was unfit to be Secretary of State if she failed to use her knowledge and skills to protect the Country rather than her privacy.  Let’s say that again – Hillary Clinton knowingly chose to ignore protecting the Country, its agents, and information in order to maintain Personal control and privacy in her actions as Secretary of State of the United States.  She became, de facto, Secretary of What Is Best For Hillary.  In other terms, a Royal Exemption.

She was unfit as Secretary of State when she chose to ignore the correspondence from her Benghazi Ambassador regarding the rumblings of danger that lead up to the invasion (yes, invasion) while under the protection of the United States of America. She was unfit when she replaced the facts with fiction.  This act is generally referred to, when teaching our children ethical behavior, as anything from a “fib” to an outright lie.  But she knew she could use the narrative she chose at the time.  The White House is complicit in the act and looks as though they knew the facts as well as the fiction.  But our current voters know most of this – it still serves to repeat the facts, each one, with a narrative showing exactly what was wrong with that.  It was self-serving and callous. It was an act that, after their loss, further injured the relatives of the Ambassador and the families of the deceased. It was, and remains to this day, self-serving and coldhearted. There are many things that can be brought up that show as a political and improper means to an end.

We do not need or want Royalty in the White House.  This is absolutely the corollary I feel by the entire public history of Hillary Clinton facts.  Don’t let her soften them and get away with it.  Be on-target: Fact of Action followed by What It Means.  What she Said vs. the Truth.

Hillary Clinton is aiming at exposing every business action that her Republican opponent has made – in her opinion – and every action she can spin to be something negative.  She is going to have a lot to say about Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 proceedings.  She will spin snippets of the truth into something thely were not.

Trump Campaign will have to be at least one step ahead of the trend, and pay meticulous attention to the details of Hillary’s public record.  She has a following of zealots, who by their very nature will resist assenting to the truth.

The Trump Campaign should keep in mind that there are a great many of us, we, the voters, who have office experience where most of us clearly remember that the back up of the system data absolutely had to be attended to. These same voters know the rules, and all bookkeepers know the laws of record retention.

The campaign needs to look at the recent facts.  The deleted records were so deleted AFTER the information about the server hit the presses.  It was a deliberate choice – and so leads to the thought that there was incriminating evidence of breech of protected information – or there would be no need to turn over, as per the law, her unabridged database to the government to cull out her personal items.  Hillary’s attorney cannot make the call regarding a device that retains the records of the Government of the United States, where we already know deleted items were owned by our Government. Both Hillary and her Attorney knew this at the time.

There are so many hands-on records, actual statements, and public records information out there that this should be a target for those Trump employees or supporting PACs handy enough to find and report the relevant issues to Trumps Campaign.

© Lin Cava 6-2016


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