Op Ed – “Hellbent”

When a person, any person, of any color, any religious following, of any origin, sexual orientation, nationality or political persuasion is – and this is the operative word, friends: hellbent upon mass murder of innocents, any innocents, there is no law, no stroke of a pen, no enforcement that can stop the hellbent from getting firearms (“assault weapons”) illegally, manufacturing their own illegal bombs (Boston), acquiring chemical weapons (Sarin gas/Japan), or biological agents (anthrax) in order to carry out their depraved, sick, and destructive acts.

What the stroke of a pen does will not remove any of these acts nor stop future acts of murder.  What the stroke of a pen, and a rush to curtail the constitutional rights there to protect us – as hard as that may be for those in pain of loss to grasp – is to instantly create criminals of those who respect the law.  It will not stop the madness.  And therein lies the true focus.  These acts are a form of madness. Not in a legal sense, but in the sense of humanity.  They stop us from focusing on targeted prevention, which in turn stops us from being prepared.

The focus of these horrific events should not be destruction of the very laws and protections put into place in one of the most uniquely prepared nations in most of the world, to have our representatives rush to remove those protections.  That’s a political agenda and those in pursuit of amending the constitution are using this horrific tragedy to fulfill their agenda – to hasten it’s movement.

Don’t trust me, don’t trust the so-called facts you hear.  Research them.  Real truth is out there. Do not believe that those of us who resist the destruction of the Bill of Rights do not grieve for the loss of our fellows; nor that we do not grieve for the families of the murdered.  We, too, see it as an atrocious act.  We grieve for the loss.  Don’t believe that there is no understanding of the want to target and destroy that which has caused so much grief.  But do not allow grief to speak solely on it’s own force.  Only time will allow a clear headed consideration – whatever opinion you must support.

Hellbent.  Defined as:  Determined to achieve something at all costs.

This does not define your fellow citizen who owns guns.  This defines the zealot, the irrational, the murderously insane.  They – the hellbent – are who need to be the focus of these horrific events, responsible for these irreplaceable losses.  Yes, it must stop.  Punishing those who would stand and deter folks like the hellbent should not be a primary target in the effort to end the madness.

Before one more tragedy, we have to stop demonizing our citizens who have no agenda to take the law into their own hands.  We have to put our best and brightest together to come up with a plan that will enable us; our America, our Country, to stop the madness, and not by blaming the gun owners who became gun owners with all legal due process.

My opinion – no more nor less valid than anyone else’s opinion.  I am so sorry for our loss, and hope we can find a responsible end to this madness.


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