What Has Gone And What Remains – Lin

What Has Gone And What Remains

In the silence

of fresh fallen snow,

In the dark night;

stars shine after the storm.


Clouds veil the sky

and obscure some star-glow –

There, above this Northern land,

to reveal a Southern Cross.


I look to the sky,

not by will of mind,

but by the pull

of a heartstring.


My breath catches

amazed at what I find.

I shake it off –

Free myself from superstition.


Once more, through strength of will

I push down yearning

strangle desire, and know

it is my will who is my heart’s jailor.


In dreams, I know I am free.

While unrestrained,

my love searches for his touch –

lost to me until I sleep.


In my waking hours

I know my sanity is forfeit,

should I dare to believe.

Yet my heart searches for him always.


Iron bars of rational thought

contain a love beyond capture.

A flame of desire, else unrestrained;

its heat calls to me; cries out for him.


Though I try to push it aside

In my denial, I admit I have fallen.

I had let irrational love capture me

and rivet my mind behind iron walls.


But Jailor Mind broke through those walls

a burning effort, aglow so hot

as to leave not even an ash behind.

It could not destroy a persistent remnant…


After the forest has burned

and the Mind has broken, insane.

After all that was is in ruin

Love, remains.


Lin Cava

10 – February – 2014