I try not to know – hateful of myself

for the delusion

Straight up, bite the spoon, take the pain

and then – the sadness…


I grieve without right.

Each time I deny the connection

call it false; wishful thinking

that thread tied into my heart tugs

and I feel it once again…


How can one who has no soul

no belief of such a thing

ever acknowledge a soul mate?

But I do – I cannot deny it.


And he; something ails him.

I am certain, and he is guarded.


Never can I run to his side,

look into his eyes –

I peer into his heart,

and find him, curiously,

buried within my own.


My touch is there

my hand extended

but he faces away

Is he trying to close a door

where none exists?

A doorway, I will ever keep open

should he have thought

or heart to seek,

I shall be here

waiting for him to find me

once again,

and Always.


Lin Cava