Age and Perspective, A Prelude

Age and Perspective, A Prelude

Another birthday

trod over me

once again


It’s been said

the alternative

to them is not attractive.


I suppose.


This, a significant milestone

best not approach me with it

nor any consolation.


I’m getting ornery in my time

Used to be mellow in my cups

Not any more

Though I shall imbibe

…don’t care about anyone’s opinion

of THAT.


Another birthday.  How many more

will I see

And will I be lucid?

Will I be of able body?



Perhaps not.


-Lin Cava





Mother walked into the Sea this morning.

Harkened to the song of Neptune;

the wail of the sirens.

She was called to beauty.


Mother walked into the Sea this morning,

but she did not walk out.

Embraced by the precious,

the irreplaceable, the untouched

she is surrounded now in a balance of beauty.


She travelled long and far

leaving land behind

as a lost memory

a forgotten effort


Relieved forever of the weight

of the fight, of the blight

She has left us to our own devices.

I cannot even cry, “Why?”

For I am aware.


Mother walked into the Sea this morning.

She moved past vast deserts in the Oceans,

fled beyond sea lanes and gulf streams

shedding tears to match the salt of the sea

she cried for the lost coral reefs


She cried for the loss of life

She cried until there were no more tears

…and still she swam to where now she rests.

There is no more she will do.

There is no more she can fix.


She floats past green fronds,

free floating in the brine

feels the mermaids purses hiding there

so few, and less will survive.


Along the way, through dead seas

she sees the remains

of man’s most vile waste

drums upon drums, rusted through

once filled with half-life,

spent fission elements

left to decay, left to destroy

left to be forgotten

but Mother, cannot forgive

the damage is done.


She lingers in a place of beauty

beyond words, no language can portray

as she hides among the coral, watches

the colorful fish, tropical life

and cries once more for the death

the destruction, mankind’s blight

wreaked upon these special places…


Her heart is breaking

for if the Seas die

the Earth dies.

Better to let the Blight of Man

be left to destroy himself.


She shall gather the gifts of the Earth

Secret them far away from harm

to become the seeds of a new beginning.


It has happened before

Millions of years ago

But an instant to Mother

And after, the Earth came back

full in its beauty

perfect in its balance


Let her sister, Nature, take Her toll upon

the blight of man,

the pestilence of saturation.

There are too many, much too many

for Mother to support. 


She must rest now.  Save what little can be saved.

For the time when she must rise again.

A time when the wind will carry her breath

to  breathe life into what remains.

And she shall rise again.


Renewal.  Mother will rise once more.

And for a while, there will be no callousness

no blight of forgotten crimes

against the lifeblood that sustains her;

Mother Earth.  Only she shall remember

that once, there was greatness in Mankind…


Mother walked into the Sea this morning.

Harkened to the song of Neptune;

the wail of the sirens.

She was called to beauty.


Mother walked into the Sea this morning,

but she did not walk out.


Lin Cava



As of June 19, 2013 the world’s human population is estimated to be 7.093 billion by the United States Census Bureau, and over 7 billion by the United Nations.  Most contemporary estimates for the carrying capacity of the Earth under existing conditions (which is the ability of earth to sustain the population of man) are between 4 billion and 16 billion. World Population Organization has stated that the growth of human populations now exceeds the ability of the earth to sustain them.



Depending on which estimate is used, human overpopulation may or may not have already occurred.  Nevertheless, the rapid recent increase in human population is causing some concern. The population is expected to reach between 8 and 10.5 billion between the year 2040 and 2050. In May 2011, the United Nations increased the medium variant projections to 9.3 billion for 2050 and 10.1 billion for 2100.


Something has to give.  There will be disease, and increased loss of life by natural occurrences because of sheer volume of population alone.  There will be genocide, and hidden agenda’s carried out by the powerful and wealthy which will remain secret.  We are so capable of saving many, but just as capable of biological destruction.  Culling of the herds.  It will not be fiction, just as “1984” is no longer fiction…