…passed this way – Lin Cava

…passed this way
-Lin Cava

Ah, my dear one…
Will we never learn?
Does time and trial
teach us no lessons?

Or, are we immune,
ever blinded by proximity –
too close to gather the truth
to spin a skein of knowledge
strong as silk
and just as soft?

Time decides for us
when we are late to act.
For nature cannot wait,
and must move on.

And time has come and gone –
for what was once an open door;
was once opportune for the moment,
has softly closed and locked in place.

And the hands of time
have latched all but the memory
of what might have been…
The windows are barred;
frosty with the coldness left behind.

Through the silence
of a world hushed
by the snow of indifference,
a heart soundlessly freezes
and breaks.

A Child’s Domain

A Child’s Domain


Armed with toy sword and shield

He goes outside to play

His faithful steed, Abby the dog

Will serve him well, today.


He runs in circles about the yard

And behind the wide oak tree

Searching to the East and West

For wherever the enemy may be.


Something moving gets his attention

A daddy long-legs scurrying by

In his mind, takes enormous proportion

“I slay you, giant spider, die!”


He stabs into the air with his sword,

At the long legged monster he sees there

Running away to avoid the great topple

To surely escape from both spider, and lair.


So he continues to brave great adventure

To conquer all challenges to his domain.

Boldly he stands, sword held high

When sadly, the game is called, due to rain.


Lin Cava©



Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

Every year, at Christmas time
I go about the season’s work
set up the tree, trim the walls
tuck the gifts in colorful wrap.
I put up lights, clear the decks
and cook – how I cook – the season’s treats.
The focus of the holiday
is for those I love, it’s clear –
especially the children
whose smiles fuel my cheer.
When the gifts have all been placed
the family sound asleep,
the lights upon the tree turned off –
Christmas Eve – belongs to me.
There are no dreams of Santa Claus
Nor thoughts to what’s beneath the tree,
For, dear one, Christmas Magic
brings you ever close to me.
No matter what the weather,
Not snow or freezing hail,
will keep me warm inside the house
where stars that whisper, cannot call.
Christmas stars have magic
as I have often seen
and bring the breeze of other lands
where life is warm, and green.
I don a pair of slippers,
steal outside, my eyes look up for change,
to let the magic come
and as I watch; those sky-lights rearrange.
The Northern Star has faded,
and Ursa Major is not there tonight.
Transported to another sky –
the Southern Cross is there, alight.
Though it may be freezing,
No cold pierces my gown so fine,
no snow melts on my face –
instead, warm breezes fresh with lime.
And ever I feel a presence,
just over my shoulder and behind,
the scent of you, comes over me,
not merely frame of mind.
For the ones we cannot be with
those ever on my mind,
for those, always loved and ever kindred,
by Christmas Magic, there for me to find.
And you, my dear one,
whom I will always seek,
I feel the need to join two halves
to make the whole complete.
A single dance, encircled in your arms
complete the touch we seldom share,
and all the season’s charms
A wordless act of love, before the Magic is not there.
Christmas Magic – comes but once each year,
On that night you’re always near,
and though, unplanned it calls to me,
I cannot explain it, or its single, joyful tear.
-Lin Cava