The Spirit of Autumn

It is the “last day of a golden summer”, as Pooh would recognize, and, once upon a time, might reflect upon. That is, it’s Autumn as of tomorrow in our Northern Hemisphere. I suppose, Pooh’s salve was the honey-pot, much as ice cream can be mine. Not too much cream in my ice cream these days, what with fat-free, no sugar added frozen yogurt. Not so much of THAT either! Ah, well. They say that love feeds the heart. Forgive me if you hear me say, “Pah!” under my breath.

Though the cynic in me has me – body and soul – lately, it’s better than the stale breath of that black dog – the one whose shadow can make a body shiver to their bones. We are born alone, and into our final day we leave this earth, alone. I learned to be alone with myself very early on in life. The woman in me, that soft, pliable, vulnerable part of me is often well hidden and nearly completely protected behind fortifications developed and perfected over decades. Though life is not always experienced alone, loneliness has little to do with how many folks one has physically near them. Loneliness is a condition of the heart, and exacerbated in its intensity by the mind. I know this well. It is why, I’m convinced, some can dance through life, ever satisfied, ever content, ever happy with their lot. It’s a frame of mind – one I don’t usually have the advantage of knowing first hand.

Autumn. Autumn beckons; it calls to me. Clearly, and in technicolor. I envision the look of her; in full stereo symphony I hear her calls, and the aromas! Ahh. Autumn. Who cannot inhale the scent of freshly baked apple pie and not know the seduction of Autumn? Who cannot taste the scent of her in the air as the trees turn to flame colored leaves, licking at the sky, until, just as soon, they dry, and brown and tumble to the ground? Even the remnants of summer enrich us, feed into our cold winter; a richness. And winter is ushered in by her, spectacular Autumn – if only for a single last dance together before Nature spirits her away to memory.

So I tip a last glass of Summer Wine to her, bidding Summer farewell, and Autumn, a fond hello. Like a comfortable blanket on a chilly day, she embraces who I am. She brings an ending, but also an invitation, and warms me as from within. Autumn touches me with her abundance, given freely. And yet, like a smiling thief, she steels away the summer. With her arrival, the sun’s warmth fades daily, and the days become night, ever earlier. And when she is readly to end her time, her gifts mature into fine spirits and hard cider, mulled with spice, to carry her with us, ever onward through the winter, until Spring, harbinger of the Sun, winks at us with her young eyes, bidding us to come play.

It is a somber time.
Autumn, in her beauty,
is like a magician
diverting attention to
her colorful display
while stealthy,
she steals away
with summer sun.

There was a time
when I would just create –
make my own warmth
in the form of an apple tart,
a pumkin pie, a hearty soup.
Autumn’s magic calls me
to read a book, curl up
around myself in the old
comfy chair.

But the hearth lies cold.
There is no creativity left
in this old cook.
And no longer does the call
of, perhaps, another day
entice me.

Sleep calls,
replacing the song of summers
that seem so far away now –
until I feel its song shall never
ring in my ear again,
or bring with it
a soft smile –
just for the joy of it.

Lin Cava


What bothers you about our choices?.

Election statements, true, false, twisted or straight-up, no nonsense. It’s worrysome, the way this 2012 Presidential Election is going. Your insight is welcome here.

September 5, 2012 at 8:24 pm

In a quandry… And who isn’t. Since the past election, I’m not very happy with the way things have been spoon fed to ‘we the people’. Some issues doggone near crammed down our throats. There are lies and disingenuousness on the part of both major parties. One party ignores the individual rights of we humans, yet espouse that our rights are given by Nature, not government. The other party would grant individuals the rights to make their own choices when it comes to decisions determined by their own beliefs, and yet, at the same time has pushed upon the people a boondoggle of a health plan that will neither serve all, nor cure problems for providers. There are quiet little quirks and add-ons that have no business being in the plan, and yet, there they are – and these items have diminished our rights and controls as citizens.

I cannot believe either major party is anything but self-serving. The people, we citizens, will never agree on everything. It’s my belief we can agree on one thing. Government is of the PEOPLE and should be BY the people. It most assuredly is not. It has slipped through our hands, and we are in a scramble to get it back; a losing scramble, I might add. It’s like trying to catch a bushel of grains of sand in a windstorm, with nothing but a seive to catch it with.

I do not have the same religious beliefs as either party, but worry that the winning party’s belief system will be foisted upon us – one way or another. I have a right to have my own conscience, my own, ever changing, often maturing belief system. It is part of who we are, and does not demand that we take away those same rights from our fellows in this country.

I’m a staunch defender of the second amendment. Criminals who abuse texting and substances while driving have taken more lives than criminals with guns. Mind you, there are plenty of folks who are decent, law-abiding citizens who are NOT criminals. The laws in place have not been upheld – the laws that protect us all. This needs to be done first.

I’ve given you a lot to mull over. Mull away.

The blog isn’t meant to be a debate, nor have a winning argument. It’s intended to shed some light on a difficult situation – the election of a President. I want you to contribute to your unique, often insightful thoughts and observances on the issues of the office itself. I want to know what issues you feel take priority in your decision over others. And, if you will share it, I want to know who you feel is best suited for the office – who you will vote for – and why. I’ll have my questions – help me out.

Mostly, I worry. I worry that somehow, some way, this simple freedom – to voice our opinions – will be punished. It does not seem impossible; and, it does not seem very far off. We struggle with our future here. Tell me what keeps you up nights about the election, too.