The Poet

The Poet

Words of beauty grace the page
and images spring to bloom
Tenderness, heartbreak, rage –
sunshine bright or shadows darkly loom.

Such is the world of the Wordsmith;
of the poet’s heart, within.
The scent of apple blossoms with
the brisk zephyr for it’s kin.

The poet reaches to impart
the fitting metaphor
to open up the heart
as one might open up a door.

His bag of tricks, near magical,
his words ring clear and fine
to sing the world a madrigal
with the taste of summer wine.

Later in the evening
the poet takes his pause
an aging hand picks up the pen
to further shape his cause.

The body wearies with the years
but the mind stays young, and bold.
For all his laughter and his tears
the poet’s heart does not grow old.

Night has come upon him
as he closes tired eyes
sleep takes him to the rim
of sweet dreams and brighter skies.

Lin Cava


Nightime Incantation

Nightime Incantation
[bedtime verse for wayward grownups]
by Lin Cava

We all have our own monsters
whose daytime face is calm.
Who’s so serene,
as if a dream,
reality’s glare; stark.

We learn to live beside them.
Raise no undue alarm.
Work as a team,
within the scheme
of boundaries left unmarked.

In the compromise, our loss
unnoticed in the park.
But know the thing
that waits for you
Sits grinning in the dark.

Its yellow eyes gleam madness.
Its teeth are long and sharp.
It is a slice –
your own device –
come calling you to hark.

And when the long day’s over
You stumble through your door
It wants YOU as
organ donor
to silence its deep roar.

So keep on compromising.
Pat it upon its head.
Be safe by day –
beware at night
Until it goes away

Don’t hold your breath, awaiting
release of terror’s spark.
Just know the thing
that waits for you
Sits grinning in the dark.

Lin Cava©
Inspiration: Harlan Ellison
Creative Commons Copyright
Oct 21, 2010

The Stroll

The Stroll
by Lin Cava

It was late to go out, about ten o’clock.
The sky, it was clear, every star was in sight.
I was taking a stroll down our city block,
When I came upon something strange in the night.

Dark and soundless it crouched there, looking at me.
All I saw were two spots reflecting the light –
Of the streetlamp behind me; where eyes would be.
Tucked away near the steps, it gave me a fright!

I heard a strange sound. Something started to knock.
I started to praying – “Lord, save my life, please!”
Jumped, nearly tumbling, at the strike of the clock!
The knocking turned out to be from my own knees.

That creature, it stayed there, not moving a bit.
But there I stood frozen, as still as a tree.
I wanted to bolt, to avoid being hit –
By what evil sat soundless, staring at me.

I watched it, too helpless to fend for myself.
Then a low sound, like moaning, came from the thing –
Moving into the light, it looked like an elf.
It didn’t take long for my feet to take wing.

My hands, so clammy, my heart started to pound.
I found myself running ahead of the breeze!
To home. Lock the doors. In my room, safe and sound!
Sweet home! I relaxed, became calm by degrees.

Sleep finally took me away from my fright.
I had to see, for curiosity’s sake –
Everything looks different in the morning light.
I was glad that morning, to just be awake.

Cleaned up in a hurry. Got dressed. Took a walk.
Passed by Widow Jones, all in black with that hat.
What happened last night was the neighborhood talk.
Widow Jones saw it all from where she had sat!

I thought, “I’ll look silly. I jumped and I ran.”
“I hope Widow Jones didn’t see what I did.”
She had chased off an evil looking dark man –
He’d come at her slowly, to where she was hid.

Seems that the sweet widow felt lonely that eve –
Had sipped too much sherry before that night’s stroll.
Sat down by her stoop-steps, her head to her sleeve.
Asleep in the dark, her hat looked like a troll!

This may seem a good end, but better than that –
Since all that has happened, we’ve had some long talks.
And I’ve been so thankful for that ugly hat.
We go with each other for all of our walks.

Lin Cava

I sometimes write in an unusual point of view. I write from the point of view of a man. Dunno why – it is the way the work comes to me.
Creative Commons Copyright
Oct 19, 2010

A Distant Kiss

A Distant Kiss

Touch softly now, your sweet lips-
gently, as I am in your fingertips.
Within this touch I leave a kiss.
You bring me near by doing this.

Unnumbered times, I think of you,
I wonder if you’ve done this, too.

The door is not bolted nor on the catch.
Should you come by, there is no latch.
There is warmth and comfort here
A welcome meant for you, my dear.

My heart will never turn away,
though well, I know, you cannot stay.
Your heart still whispers back to me,
betrays a love is there, you see.

When you need what I hold true,
drift on a dream, I’ll come for you.
We’ll hold each other close and warm
to calm the winds, belay the storm.

Then gone again, and on your way –
free to return another day.
I am left to wonder, still –
Will you return, have you the will?

If I softly touch my lips
will you be in my fingertips?

In a soft touch, by doing this,
will you warm me with a distant kiss?

Lin Cava

Mouse Story

Mouse Story

Up and down and all through the house,
Went the scampering of a little grey mouse.

Running ‘round the corner the furry thing belched.
“Oouu” he squeaked, “I should keep those things squelched.”

For the cat can hear the drop of a pin,
But against a cat, I don’t think I could win.

And as a mouse, I much prefer cheese,
Than fuzzy cat hide and chewy cat knees.

There are stories told, (I heard from the rats),
That one can go bald if nibbling on cats.

Yet I wonder about the gas they’d create,
Could it be as bad as the dog I just ate?

Now, don’t be upset, it’s not what you think,
It was only a small Chihuahua named Tink.

I was on my way to a meeting, you see,
With a cutie girl mouse who’d been flirting with me.

When out from behind a bush Tink did pop,
I got such a fright that I let my jaw drop.

Tink stepped on my tail; I had no way to run.
Then he gave me a yank, and I thought I was done.

I’ve heard you gain ten times your strength when in fear,
So I turned ‘round and ate him, and shed not a tear!

But, like most spicy food, he gave me such gas,
I could not dare visit that cute little lass.

And that’s when you found me as I turned the bend.
Good thing I’m not hungry; this would be The End.

Lin Cava©

Sonnet de Sensualité

Sonnet de Sensualité
Enamored of the light that shines from you
She’s captured; as a moth drawn to a flame
Surrender bids sweet innocence adieu
Existence nevermore to be the same.

The rapture she had not been taught to seek
Delirious for him; her eyes implore
Consumed in heat not witnessed by the meek
She arches back, breasts rising, wanting more.

Wonderment of physical expression
Immaculate, her heart belongs to him
Unconditional; without repression
For his touch, would surrender life and limb.

She whispers this to you, and then no more
“It’s only you, my love, who I adore.”

Lin Cava ©




I wait, and watch the sky –

Boundless beauty harboring

a place where lovers hearts can soar

in search for the sparkle that connects.

Complete, if only for a moment

in the only touch they are granted.


I wait and watch above,

moon glow on my face

reaching out, my heart

a path to find you, open

to search once again,

unencumbered, wanting

for only a moment,

then to part;

two minds of one intent.


Most nights, I wait, and watch the sky

hoping to trick time, deceive distance

that I might have one more look

to see what whispers tell me

and fall in an endless moment

into what my heart sees.

Stars, in his blue eyes


Lin Cava