An Open Letter to the Trump Campaign

Do you remember HRCs false promise to NOT use NY as her launching pad to the Presidency?  There are many voters in the 2016 Presidential election who don’t.  They should be reminded.

“The campaign trail was not always friendly. For almost every cheer, there was a shouted “Go home, Hillary!” and the emerging Republican theme that carpetbagger Clinton simply wanted to use New York as a launching pad for a later presidential run. She pledged to serve her full six-year Senate term if elected.” ( )

What happened to that and other NY Senate campaign promises? Hillary did stay her six years. However one needs to bring out the facts.  Everything the former Senator lays claims as her own was handled, designed and mentored by Senator Schumer.  I’m a New Yorker and think a PAC should spell out how little she did there – on her own merit.  Expect the same if she becomes President.

This is a candidate who has a history – and not an exemplary one – that pre-dates a large chunk of her constituency.  How about bringing those voters up-to-date on historical facts?  She was first female Chair of Legal Services Corporation, and a law based business woman.  As such, she was in a position as to have the responsibility of knowing legal/laws regarding record retention.  Record retention covers everything from employee/employment records through to documentation of business, inclusive of correspondence – all correspondence that is business related.  As Chair of Legal Services she had to know the laws of discovery.  This is an important revelation to the newer voter base, as well as others.  It directly exposes that the “I wasn’t told until after…” excuse is invalid. The invalidity of her excuse is currently backed up by the information released as a result of the inquiry of the server issue by the State Department’s Inspector General.

There is so much more out there, all of it on the record.  It sometimes means that one must expose the knowledge then connect the dots, as with records and confidentiality laws.  Secretary of State – and we allow her to use such lame excuses?  She was unfit to be Secretary of State if she failed to use her knowledge and skills to protect the Country rather than her privacy.  Let’s say that again – Hillary Clinton knowingly chose to ignore protecting the Country, its agents, and information in order to maintain Personal control and privacy in her actions as Secretary of State of the United States.  She became, de facto, Secretary of What Is Best For Hillary.  In other terms, a Royal Exemption.

She was unfit as Secretary of State when she chose to ignore the correspondence from her Benghazi Ambassador regarding the rumblings of danger that lead up to the invasion (yes, invasion) while under the protection of the United States of America. She was unfit when she replaced the facts with fiction.  This act is generally referred to, when teaching our children ethical behavior, as anything from a “fib” to an outright lie.  But she knew she could use the narrative she chose at the time.  The White House is complicit in the act and looks as though they knew the facts as well as the fiction.  But our current voters know most of this – it still serves to repeat the facts, each one, with a narrative showing exactly what was wrong with that.  It was self-serving and callous. It was an act that, after their loss, further injured the relatives of the Ambassador and the families of the deceased. It was, and remains to this day, self-serving and coldhearted. There are many things that can be brought up that show as a political and improper means to an end.

We do not need or want Royalty in the White House.  This is absolutely the corollary I feel by the entire public history of Hillary Clinton facts.  Don’t let her soften them and get away with it.  Be on-target: Fact of Action followed by What It Means.  What she Said vs. the Truth.

Hillary Clinton is aiming at exposing every business action that her Republican opponent has made – in her opinion – and every action she can spin to be something negative.  She is going to have a lot to say about Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 proceedings.  She will spin snippets of the truth into something thely were not.

Trump Campaign will have to be at least one step ahead of the trend, and pay meticulous attention to the details of Hillary’s public record.  She has a following of zealots, who by their very nature will resist assenting to the truth.

The Trump Campaign should keep in mind that there are a great many of us, we, the voters, who have office experience where most of us clearly remember that the back up of the system data absolutely had to be attended to. These same voters know the rules, and all bookkeepers know the laws of record retention.

The campaign needs to look at the recent facts.  The deleted records were so deleted AFTER the information about the server hit the presses.  It was a deliberate choice – and so leads to the thought that there was incriminating evidence of breech of protected information – or there would be no need to turn over, as per the law, her unabridged database to the government to cull out her personal items.  Hillary’s attorney cannot make the call regarding a device that retains the records of the Government of the United States, where we already know deleted items were owned by our Government. Both Hillary and her Attorney knew this at the time.

There are so many hands-on records, actual statements, and public records information out there that this should be a target for those Trump employees or supporting PACs handy enough to find and report the relevant issues to Trumps Campaign.

© Lin Cava 6-2016

Op Ed – “Hellbent”

When a person, any person, of any color, any religious following, of any origin, sexual orientation, nationality or political persuasion is – and this is the operative word, friends: hellbent upon mass murder of innocents, any innocents, there is no law, no stroke of a pen, no enforcement that can stop the hellbent from getting firearms (“assault weapons”) illegally, manufacturing their own illegal bombs (Boston), acquiring chemical weapons (Sarin gas/Japan), or biological agents (anthrax) in order to carry out their depraved, sick, and destructive acts.

What the stroke of a pen does will not remove any of these acts nor stop future acts of murder.  What the stroke of a pen, and a rush to curtail the constitutional rights there to protect us – as hard as that may be for those in pain of loss to grasp – is to instantly create criminals of those who respect the law.  It will not stop the madness.  And therein lies the true focus.  These acts are a form of madness. Not in a legal sense, but in the sense of humanity.  They stop us from focusing on targeted prevention, which in turn stops us from being prepared.

The focus of these horrific events should not be destruction of the very laws and protections put into place in one of the most uniquely prepared nations in most of the world, to have our representatives rush to remove those protections.  That’s a political agenda and those in pursuit of amending the constitution are using this horrific tragedy to fulfill their agenda – to hasten it’s movement.

Don’t trust me, don’t trust the so-called facts you hear.  Research them.  Real truth is out there. Do not believe that those of us who resist the destruction of the Bill of Rights do not grieve for the loss of our fellows; nor that we do not grieve for the families of the murdered.  We, too, see it as an atrocious act.  We grieve for the loss.  Don’t believe that there is no understanding of the want to target and destroy that which has caused so much grief.  But do not allow grief to speak solely on it’s own force.  Only time will allow a clear headed consideration – whatever opinion you must support.

Hellbent.  Defined as:  Determined to achieve something at all costs.

This does not define your fellow citizen who owns guns.  This defines the zealot, the irrational, the murderously insane.  They – the hellbent – are who need to be the focus of these horrific events, responsible for these irreplaceable losses.  Yes, it must stop.  Punishing those who would stand and deter folks like the hellbent should not be a primary target in the effort to end the madness.

Before one more tragedy, we have to stop demonizing our citizens who have no agenda to take the law into their own hands.  We have to put our best and brightest together to come up with a plan that will enable us; our America, our Country, to stop the madness, and not by blaming the gun owners who became gun owners with all legal due process.

My opinion – no more nor less valid than anyone else’s opinion.  I am so sorry for our loss, and hope we can find a responsible end to this madness.

How to job hunt for an Executive position without going insane.

How to job hunt for an executive position without going insane.

An essay based upon my 2016 job search.

For the first time in decades, I’ve had to actively job-hunt.  I have, without a doubt, been extremely lucky to have been able to impress my value upon management throughout my work life.  In turn I’ve been hired, had new experiences develop into skills, and been mentored by outstanding executives.   The best managers/owners, will see something in you and will also mentor you.  There is nothing better than that dynamic in your work.

Teaching the job board and recruitment industry any new tricks is not happening – and these folks are all too new for the market to have to worry about old dogs having to learn new tricks.  They collect data, and even if their “match” brings much more to the table, they are blind to all but that one job they find a match for – in their software.   How do they amend this shortcoming?  They run ads for employment for entry level personnel who must have a BA and several years of relevant experience to qualify.

The following is a light-hearted look on how to handle the situation, rather than be handled.

To that end I have created the multiple resume approach.  When the recruiter “finds” your professional resume and contacts you, don’t hop off your home-office chair and comfy cushion to go running in to their interview, dressed in full business-professional attire with two copies of your resume – until you go over, by phone or email how your resumes are to be used.  Keep your personal chart of resumes handy.  They should look something like the following.

Compensation Reference Guide for Administrative Job Seekers working with Recruiting Personnel*

Resume Z – The “under $15.00 per hour resume. (Yes, I did say ‘executive level’.  You will get offers like these.)

Show no dates, list names of employers only.

Add, as bullets, only the level of skills being paid for.

$15.00 / hour gets you reception and filing work.  Answer phones, take messages, give messages out, file paperwork, type letters in Word.  No use of personal vehicle, no bank deposits, post office visits or other go-fer work.  No expectation of weekends or evenings “as needed”.  That’s for the ones being compensated at a living wage.   Don’t know how to make coffee, be a tea person.  If the day is 9 hours where lunch hour is unpaid, don’t expect any more work time to be added other than clock-in time to clock-out time.  Tell the recruiter that the employer should not rely upon being able to reach you during your personal lunch hour.  Go out.  The paid for work does not include exemption, does not include management over other personnel, does not include doing more than can be accomplished during paid work hours.  Nothing personal, but, nothing personal should be anticipated.

Once placed and you get your bearings, decide to either move up, or move on.  This is not a permanent job to dedicate your time to. Get what you can out of it.  Add a skill or software. We are not talking raise here.  We’re talking appreciation.  You should get a raise, but you should also get a leg-up in position.  If that won’t happen, don’t move in.  Leave your family photos, favorite pens and accouterments at home.  Be able to walk away without scrambling; cool headed and settled.

Now, think about this:  Compare Resume Z to the one you might see for the Executive Administrative Assistant – you know, the “Pepper Potts” of the world, without whom the Executive would be buried in minutia.  Compare the salaries, as well.  These folks often command six figure salaries or close to it.  In Manhattan, six figures for someone at the level of Executive Administrative Assistant to the CEO would command six figure salaries, and be able to fill in for the CEO when he’s traveling.  This person knows when to act, and when to consult with the CEO, and the CEO has trust that his EAA can properly handle those decisions.  Understand that you must be able to do the work, but the company must be able, and willing, to PAY for it.  Although not executives, as defined, the EAA to the CEO is above many in the company hierarchy, and can use all assets (personnel) as appropriate to get the job done.  In other words; personnel answers to The EAA as they command the respect that reflects the OFFICE of the Executive for whom they are working.  It is a simple rule of business, and one that all business managers should have a good understanding of.  You get what you pay for.

Resume Y– $31,000.00 / year job –Do the math. Anything $31,200 or under is Resume Z

Now, the REAL Resume Y – Salary over $31,200 up to S41,600 annually.

(That’s only a top figure of $20.00 per hour x 40 hours per week)

Include most of the Resume Z information.  Add Excel if pay is near the $20./hr mark and this is the kind of work you can do.

Allow for trips to the bank or post office, personal errands, and staying to finish up the last minute letter that has to go out by end of day.  (Not the end of a project, or anything that takes hours, just a letter; say 15 minutes or so.)

Define, up front, that personal use of your car must be reimbursed at the federal rate, and the time used to accomplish the errand is not personal time.  Staying more than 15 minutes for a hot project to end is a totally different pay range.  But if you want to comply, the time to spell out compensation is before it comes up.  New law allows you to be paid overtime for anything over 40 hours in this pay bracket.  But be careful.  If you had a paid holiday or PTO that week, it makes a difference.

You can add your willingness to learn new software and functions which can be recompensed should the training contribute to adding to your responsibilities.  You’re not just selling time, you’re selling skills and capability – and don’t sell yourself short.  The last item on Resume Y should indicate that you are reliable and dedicated.

It’s up to you to decide the next level.  You likely will acquire skills and abilities as time progresses.  Make sure salary and other compensation is right for the market and that you receive regular raises.  Don’t give a hoot what other’s sit still for.  If your work and/or responsibilities you sell to the company have increased, but there is no increase in wages, you are selling yourself short.  Start looking again.  You can add or delete from this resume as you progress.  For example, someone who does data entry may have to attain a speed requisite.  Once you reach a certain level, that’s not only unnecessary, it’s demeaning.  Remove typing or entry speed from your resume.  Add new skills.  Decide how high in salary you want Resume Y to reflect your services for sale.  (Contract or not, that’s what they are.)  To that end, let’s progress to Resume X.

Resume X – $52,000. / yr minimum

Here is where every individual’s experience will differ.  The pay is at the $1,000.00 per week rate.  You’ll be expected to pitch in, to put in some extra time as needed – but not hours and hours.  Also – Beware the “exempt” employee.  Exemption means you do not get paid for your extra time by hour, it is all included in your salary.  There are new rules governing this at the Federal level, but know them well.

If you are working 40 hours you’re making $25.00 an hour.  If you are working 50 hours, just an hour more a work day – you’re back to the $20.00 hour wage, and burning up your own time to do it.  Keep in the overtime zone unless wages and compensation are improved.  For instance, if you must put in 50 hour weeks regularly – say month’s end – request that you get PTO for those extra hours.  Paid time off pays you AND you get the hours to yourself.  Make sure you find a way to TAKE those PTO hours.  Know the company rules about when you might LOSE them.  If you are worth your $1,000 week wage, then your manager should be able to carry on this conversation with you and put it through to HR.  If they refuse because it has to be directly through HR, don’t expect it.  Management makes recommendations to HR.  HR is just one level of separation when they will not get involved.  If “go through HR” is what you get back from your boss – start looking – and use Resume A

If you have come this far, you should have acquired a complimentary suite of skills.  To the software and abilities area, you should have a good command of team work, team building through to personnel management.  You may have your own assistant or secondary personnel.

List everything from Resumes Z and Y, and incorporate acquired and mastered skills.  It is vital that if you have stepped into management that you specify that you manage not only processes and work flow, but personnel.

Have references from others you have worked with, including those you have worked with outside the company.  Keep your dates and figures straight, contact your references and make sure you have current information for them.  Ask their permission to use them as references.  Be ABSOLUTELY SURE that they will give you proper and pertinent references.  If checked, you don’t want it to sound like you were lunch hour buddies.  Rather, you want it clear that your work, and who you are at work, made a positive difference in THEIR work.  It’s their opinion, but it’s nice if they can put your impact upon the company as a positive, as well as their personal approval.

You have been selected to interview – by the recruitment representative – to interview for a management position which starts at over $52,000.00 per year.  First, make sure the interview is not with the recruiter – that there is an actual date, time person and company for which the interview is set.  If not set, make sure it is set for a time convenient to you, and ascertain that recruiter has sent the proper resume.

Resume A.

In Resume A – List your work, bullet all relevant and important skills.  Leave off typing speeds, and the mundane – like answering phones.  It still amazes me that there are so many ads out there for bookkeepers who are also expected to “answer phones and do office filing as needed”.  Smart employers don’t want the bookkeepers distracted from their work; at the very least it’s not efficient, and not cost effective, either.

Show month and year dates for each relevant position, and include your education if it is above High School or GED level.  If it’s not above HS level, your experience must compensate for that.  Flesh out your skills and detail some of your more notable accomplishments.

When the interview is in progress, make sure there was no bait-and-switch.  If the job suddenly becomes less than what you came in to interview for – in both placement level and salary, decide immediately if it is worth your time to take the position if offered, as offered.  If it’s not worth it, and you are reasonably sure you can be placed at the salary level you anticipate, then make sure the interviewer for the company understands that despite what they are offering, your personal worth for the position is what you feel is your market value for the skills.  This puts them in the position of either moving immediately to the next level, or saying goodbye.  A wise HR interviewer will take it all in, and relay the information to the hiring manager, allowing them to decide if there is play in the budget for your skills.  There usually is – accomplished skills save companies money.  Though it may remove you from the contenders, someone who knows what they are looking for and sees it in your resume above the 90% “hit” vs. requirements level, will want to see you.  If you get the second interview, make sure you are ready.

As you progress from here, the job search takes on new and very different aspects.  Don’t pay for executive recruitment.  The good ones will find you.  The others are just using a list to make money from your skills.  You go to them, they look to place you from a list of participating employers – their list, and they take a cut of the overall fee from you, many times while being paid by the employer, as well.  These recruiters will place you temp to perm, or contract, so they can get their ‘cut’.

When posting resumes to job boards, leave off your phone number and use a “least used” email for them. Set up a new one just for job searches if you have to. Everyone selling anything from Education to insurance will inundate your inbox – and your phone.  You’ll get a few x-rated emails as well.

Four resume’s.  Confirm that with the recruiter.  If they want the A-list, they pay A-List salary.  One thing better job boards can tell you is what salaries are out there for what you can do.  Make sure your personal opinion is backed up by actual salaries.  You can always negotiate – compensation has many forms.  Just avoid selling yourself short.

*Footnote – I’m aware that there are some extremely professional recruiters.  Most of us cannot await looking for our next position until one finds us.


©lincava 6-10-2016

Mention of “Pepper Potts” attributed to Marvel Comics





In the dusk; the fading light
my consciousness floats
free to sleep, to roam, to dream.

Daytime’s resonance, artificial and brash, drifts away.
In its weakening wake,
within the soft quiet of evening, Nature speaks again.

Gently, she hums; she whispers;
shushes the leaves in the trees,
buzzes; at first a quiet drone –
cicada in the night – swelling,
a cacophony builds to crescendo,
to diminish as cools the night.

Nocturnal creatures rouse.
Night flowers with each new awakening.
Every one with their own instrument,
play their part in her Evensong;
deliver unseen complexity to the music.

Night deepens, and the Mother
puts down her baton, purses her lips
and breathes out her scent –
to float for the zephyr to take –
a bearer of her gentled nature
to those who dream within her tune.

The sparkle of the stars
bear cold and quiet witness
to the wonder of Her pristine night,
and the bearer of the keys of life:
This Earth – for which She is guardian.

Mother drifts into my dreams,
leaving me with bittersweet.
She touches my heart in whispers with her message,
and harkens me to carry it forward.

Dawn brings magenta skies.
Before the tinny, manmade sounds
carry me to daytime, I hear Her once more.
Reminding me of the song in my heart.
She bodes me remember where I will find it,
and to listen.

For it can only be found in her Whisper.

-Lin Cava

CC 25-October-2014

Mother Nature, answering the call to nature.



It never seems to happen,
that walk along the beach
I always wanted to take with you.

I have to tell you these things –
because one day I won’t be here,
and you won’t know.

Now I’m sure that there are ways,
other than a final passing from this earth,
where I may not be here.
Maybe in body, but not in mind.

I worry about that.  
Every person with dementia,
every one with Alzheimer’s – they all have heard it,
even though they won’t remember
that they should not worry – It’s normal,
just normal, it’s the way we age
only to have to leave this place
before the body fails, a shadow left behind
not at all representing what once we were.

I don’t know what’s worse for a person to go through –
failure of the body
or failure of the mind.

We are comprised of everything and everyone we know.
Every raindrop, every laugh, every tear;
the anguish and the joy.
When that goes away, so do we.
An angry, failing shell remains to sap
those we love before it passes and is finally done.

When the body fails, it’s hard to reconcile that active mind,
that spark of life that makes us who we are –
is robbed from the rest of us – we who remain.

One minute, there – alive and active,
and the next, the body fails,
and the promise of a future, with it.

Everybody dies.
Bald truth.

Carry something of me forward
that my fleeting moments upon this earth
left something behind in those I love.
Forgive me of my failings,
so I may make peace for them.
Celebrate some little thing I leave to you,
in your own way.

Once, not so very long ago,
I gave your hand a double squeeze.
Your child’s hand, so small,
then a woman’s hand,
Our own little ritual,
now carried forward
to the sons of my daughter.

I am not my body – it will fail.
I am not my mind – it will pass.
I am only what I leave behind.

And this is all the legacy I hold,
for my daughters and my son;
for the sons of my daughters,
and perhaps the babes
of my grandsons.


LMC 5/6/2015 cc

so much to do…so little time



Does a soft breeze touch your face,
whisper in your ear
connect you to another place
Yes, you were invited, dear.

It has been so long,
yet thoughts of you linger still
the feeling so strong
actions and propriety must bend to its will.

And yet, you are a shadow
a darkness in the mist.
Listen for a tune hummed low –
grasping of sand in an impassioned fist.

Come near, once more –
Upon the sand in breezes fair
let your heart explore
my fingers, again, brush through your hair

Sometimes, memory is so strong
but it isn’t much
when a heart will long
for only your touch.

I search not to be the only,
Nor promises of love, unrequited –
but to connect – a heart not lonely,
Yes, my dear one – you are invited.


cc LinCava

Often we are called to connect to others.  Rarely a connection is made that cannot be undone.  Despite distance or circumstance; despite denial, the connection is there – and ignore it as we try to, it never goes away.  It may fade – or lurk in the distant subconscious, but try as one may, it comes to the fore as a fresh breeze on a hot, still day.  This is one of those breezes.

Too Much…

Too much…

It always seemed so rare – to me –
the Shakespearean slings and arrows
we all are said, to suffer –
could take such daunting blows.

But they can, and they do.

We all deal differently
some with armor,
some with dark sadness,
blood red anger,
deep consuming depression,
and often, Denial.


Ah. Denial. A close personal friend.
He breathes to ones lips
a kiss of relief; obscuring truth;
a sly tongue slipped in, irreverently
with the lie.

Denial. A seed of peace upon the heart;
and yet, black death awaits the bloom
its blossom sweet –
dismissing of the Truth.

Denial will never save one.

He will obscure reality,
diffuse the pain
and lead one down the path
where discovery awaits – too late.

Denial and Truth – Mortal enemies

I learned too late;
Did not heed Truth’s solemn gaze
His words, unspoken, but there;
“Be aware. Don’t dismiss. Danger lurks.”

Truth – the quiet one –
whose thunder sounds in one’s soul
when comes discovery…

Truth works within.

We do not listen to that tiny
whisper – as soft as a spring breeze.
I wish I had listened,
suspicious of Denial’s kiss.

Alas, too late.
Too little time –
and much – too much,
to prepare for.

Lin Cava